All listings in the MLS are separated into property classes, eight to be exact. These eight different property classes specify the type of real estate (residential, commercial etc) and whether the property is to be sold or leased.

You can choose the property class you want to search for by selecting the right Quick Search template.

Types of Property Classes

Class 1: Residential for Sale (If a Residential listing is for sale or rent, it can be entered in Class 1 and 2)

Class 2: Residential Rental

Class 3: Land and Lots for Sale

Class 4: Commercial & Industrial Buildings for Sale

Class 5: Commercial & Industrial Buildings for Lease

Class 6: Multiple Dwellings for Sale (ex: apartment complex)

Class 7: Business Opportunity for Sale (listing where both the property and business attached to it are sold in-tact ex: a laundromat or grocery store)

Class 8: Multi-Property (Class 8 is a faux-class, being a combination of Property Classes 1 through 7)


To learn more about property classes, you can watch our Orientation and Searching online course.