Did you know that Coming Soon listings can be included in Flexmls subscriptions?

Coming Soon listings do not appear in IDX feeds or on syndicators such as But you can still provide buyers with an advanced look at these properties. They can also be included in subscriptions you set up for clients.

Adding Coming Soon Listings to a Subscription

First select Coming Soon as part of the criteria for the search you’ve created for the client. Since Flexmls automatically defaults to including Active, UCB and CCBS listings in a search, this will need to be done manually.

  1. Select Coming Soon and any other listing statuses you wish to include in the search by clicking on each status individually while holding down the Control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard. If you’re using a Mac, it will be the Command button.
  2. Set other criteria for the search, such as price and number of bedrooms.
  3. Save the search and assign it to a client.
  4. Set up the subscription for the search.

screenshot of flexmls coming soon listing status

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