This post is part of our series focusing on the feedback we received from our Spring 2019 Subscriber Satisfaction Survey. We value the opinions of our subscribers and welcome comments and questions any time. Read other posts in this series here.

A comment from our survey asked: “Why does ARMLS sell my listings to syndication sites?”

We’ve already assured our subscribers that ARMLS does not sell listings to or any other real estate syndicators. However, there is still some confusion about syndication and we’re happy to help clear things up.

Syndicators such as can feature and promote listings on their sites with permission of the listing agent/broker. Most brokers and agents choose that option to gain additional exposure for their sellers.

What about companies such as Redfin and Offerpad?
Those sites are not syndicators. They are real estate brokerages. While they might operate using a unique business model, their agents are ARMLS subscribers and members of local real estate associations.

ARMLS offers the same level of service to all subscribers and all are entitled to make use of our products. With the marketplace growing and evolving, it’s not uncommon to see listings by a variety of nontraditional brokerages represented in Flexmls. This is a trend nationwide, not just within the area served be ARMLS.