Has your buyer ever requested a condominium, but you weren’t able to find that option as a Dwelling Type?

Screenshot of Dwelling Type selections in a Search

A condominium is not a type of property you dwell in, but rather the type of ownership you have of that property. It is important your client understands what defines a condo, since it can look like many different dwelling types. You can find a condo that is a townhouse, patio home or even a single-family residence! It all depends on if they want complete ownership of the land or just the unit.

If you determine your client wants a Condo, you can search for them in a Residential search. Add the field of Ownership under the Contract Information to select the Condominium option. Additionally, you can filter the Condos by a specific Dwelling Type if desired.

Screenshot of the Dwelling Type and Ownership Type being used together