Did you know you can customize the Flexmls Portal you share with clients in various ways? If not, then continue reading to learn about setting your Flexmls Portal Preferences.

To adjust your settings, click on Portal Preferences in your Flexmls menu. You’ll then see a list of items to choose from.

screenshot of Flexmls portal preferences menu

Before adjusting any settings, keep in mind that the changes will apply to all of your client portals and will be reflected the next time they log in. Also, remember to go to the bottom of the screen and click Save once you finish making your changes.

Let’s look at some key items in the preferences menu:


The intro section contains a brief video provided by Flexmls, highlighting features of the portal. ARMLS also provides two helpful videos: Portal 2.0 for Subscribers and Portal Help for Clients.

My Listings

Turning this setting on (button will be green) will enable your current listings to be displayed on the home page of your clients’ portals, regardless of whether or not the properties match their search criteria.

Intro Email

Flexmls provides a default email that can be used to invite clients to their portal. You can view that email within this setting and edit the text to suit your needs. You can even include links and images. Once you save the changes, they will be in effect for all future invites you send out unless you change it again.

News Feed

If you have set a client up with a Flexmls Subscription, they can keep track of what’s been sent to them by checking the News Feed section of their portal. Your client can turn news feed updates on, even if they don’t have a subscription, by selecting Receive Notifications¬†in the top right corner of their saved searches.

screenshot of flexmls portal news feed

Default Subscription Settings

This is where you can control what type of listing activity is included in subscriptions set up for clients. Whatever you set it to will take effect for future email notifications that are sent. These settings are different than the news feed settings, which only apply to the listing statuses visible in that section of the portal.

screenshot of subscription settings within Flexmls portal preferences

Listing Content Options

You can limit what clients can see when accessing a listing through their portal or when it’s sent to them via a subscription by setting these controls. The options are Open Houses, Documents, Tax Info and History. You can turn each one on or off individually. Changes will not be applied retroactively.

You can adjust your portal settings as often as you want, but always save your changes when done! To learn even more about the Flexmls portal, take our online class.