Are you unsure what all the Quick Search fields mean or what information is searchable with each field? 

By default, Quick Search opens with the search fields collapsed for easy scanning. If you don’t prefer the collapsed fields, you can easily change that. Flexmls allows you to modify your preferences and have all the search fields expanded in Quick Search.

As you can see below, the search fields are all collapsed as the default in Quick Search.

Flexmls Search Fields Collapsed

To have all the fields expanded, click Menu, scroll down to Preferences and click General Preferences.

Flexmls General Preferences

Under Search, you will see Expand all fields for Quick Searches. Click the toggle switch, so it turns blue, to set that option as the default setting in Quick Search. Then, scroll down and click Save.


Expand All Quick Searches

The next time you do a Quick Search, you will see all the search fields expanded.

Expanded Search Fields Flexmls