Customizing your portal invite is easy and can add that personalized touch from you to your client. This email will go out to any client you set up on a portal.

To get started, go to your menu select Portal Preferences.

Flexmls portal preferences

Once in Portal Preferences, select the plus sign next to Intro Email.

Portal preferences menu

The drop down will open and allow you to adjust anything about the default message: verbiage, subject, fonts etc. Be sure to hit Save at the bottom once you are finished.

Doing this can help clients better understand how to use their portal and how to communicate and stay organized within their portal.

*This article reflects updates made to the portal in November 2018. If you have not switched over to Portal 2.0 check out these videos to get you started. Subscriber Portal 2.0 will help you better understand the new portal and Client Portal 2.0 can be sent to your clients.

If you’re new to portals, try our Online Subscriptions and Portals Class.