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Many of us have experienced a false close in Flexmls—when your listing automatically closes in the system before it closes in reality. Once the listing moves into Closed status, the listing can be accessed up to seven days after the Close of Escrow Date to edit the listing and make any changes if necessary.

To fix a false close:

  1. Visit the main Flexmls Menu.
  2. Select Change Listing under the Add/Change heading.
  3. Select the Listing or type in the MLS number.
  4. Select Bring on Market (Active).
  5. Confirm the Expire Date is still accurate.
    1. You can input a Fallthrough Date (the date the listing fell out of contract) but this is not required.
  6. Click Save, then click Save again to confirm the change.

You can stop here to leave the status Active or continue to place it in one of the under-contract statuses.

  1. Select Pend Listing (Under Contract) or Add/Remove UCB or CCBS.
  2. Input the updated closing information in the fields.
  3. Click Save, then click Save again to confirm the change.

The listing will immediately be placed into the chosen Under Contract status.

If it is past the seven-day time frame from the Close of Escrow Date, tell on yourself by Self-Reporting the false close without penalty.