Having to change the close of escrow (COE) date on a listing is very common. Many things can happen between the offer being accepted and signing all the paper work. It’s important to adjust the COE date to ensure your listing closes on the correct day.

When you change your listing status to Pending, UCB or CCBS you put a tentative COE date in. You can change it at any time or just go in and manually close your listing the day of.

The process is very similar either way.

Changing the COE Date

From the change listing screen click Edit Current Status if the listing is in Pending or

Change Status field

Add/Remove UCB or CCBS if in one of those statuses.

Scroll down to the COE date and change it to the new date.

COE Date field

Remember to then scroll all the way to the bottom and click Save.

Save Button

You will lastly have to click Save on more time on the next page.

Manually Closing a Listing

If you want to close your listing manually go to the change listing screen and select Close Listing.

Most of the information on the next screen will be filled in for you. Double-check it all and change the COE date to the current day then hit Save.