Flexmls does not allow multiple portals to be set up under one contact. To share access to their portal, someone would need to provide the other person with the portal URL, the email address linked to the portal and the password.

Portals are great as they allow users to take an active role in their searching experience. You set the search parameters for a client and then send an email inviting them to sign up for the portal. Once they accept the invitation, they are prompted to create a password.

It’s common for buyers to be searching for homes along with another person, such as a spouse or investing partner. If that’s the case, they might want to share a portal. Since each portal is unique, Flexmls will only allow a single email address to be associated with each one.

screenshot of Flexmls portal login

Unlike portals, subscriptions do allow for multiple email addresses and don’t require passwords.

Our online Subscriptions and Portals course can walk you through the entire process of setting up a portal. An in-person Searching in Flexmls class that covers portals and more is also offered throughout the month at the ARMLS support centers.