lockbox code screen over homeowners seeing a new house

Every lockbox is programmed with a 7-digit CBS code, which stands for “Call Before Showing”. Sometimes you need to know the code for another agent’s lockbox, and sometimes you need to know it for your own lockbox.

How to Get the CBS Code For Another Agent’s Lockbox

Have you ever tried to obtain a key from a box only to get the error code “Not Authorized?” When that happens, it means the listing agent who owns the box has turned on the CBS code as an extra security feature. That is to say, before you can enter your PIN to obtain the property key from the box, you’ll have to enter the box’s CBS code. How do you get the box’s CBS code? Call the listing agent. Neither Supra nor ARMLS will be able to give you the CBS code to another agent’s box.

How to Get the CBS Code for Your Lockbox

Visit the SupraWEB You will need the serial number of the lockbox and shackle code. A SupraWeb account is required and you can sign-up for a free account here.

If you have a Supra eKey, you can find the CBS code for each box in your Inventory. To view a CBS code, click on the box’s serial number, click Edit at the bottom of the screen and turn on Require CBS. (If you don’t want to actually turn on the CBS code, do not click Program at the bottom.)

Call ARMLS at 480-921-7777. We will verify your identity and provide the CBS code to you.