Seeing a Saguaro Cactus decorated with lights and a Santa hat is not unusual. It’s just one of the many ways we Phoenicians celebrate the season. If you wish to decorate your Saguaro Cactus, you must do so carefully!

We love the Saguaro so much that our state bird is the Cactus Wren and the state flower is the Saguaro Cactus Flower!

Image showing state bird (wren) and state flower (Saguaro cactus flower)

Did you know the Saguaro is a protected native plant? The Native Plant Protection Act is for plants growing only in the Sonoran Desert. In short, if a landowner wishes to remove or transplant a Saguaro on their property, they must first seek a permit from the Arizona Department of Agriculture, so be sure to let your clients know this before they make any plans.

The Saguaro flowers in April and May. The smell has a melon scent and the fruit and flowers are edible. If you want to try some cactus fruit, I recommend a prickle pear.

Take a visit to Tortilla Flat. It is a beautiful scenic drive full of Saguaros. At the general store, you can buy Prickly Pear BBQ Sauce, Prickly Pear Gelato or Prickly Pear Jam. They taste amazing!

If you feel inspired this holiday season to learn about and see more Saguaro Cacti, check out The Desert Botanical Garden Las Noches de Las Luminarias.

If you decorate your cactus, share a picture with us!