Did you know that not all ARMLS violations incur fines? The Penalty Policy breaks down which violations have fines and how much those fines are.

Examples of violations that do NOT incur a fine are:

  • Incorrect school code
  • Incorrect square footage
  • Incorrect or missing assessor’s number
  • Incorrect dwelling type
  • Incorrect ownership type
  • Incorrect tax municipality

Examples of violations that DO incur a fine are:

  • Incorrect sales price
  • Access code entered in the wrong field
  • Contact information in any media
  • Unauthorized copied media
  • Failure to submit photo within allowed period
  • Publishing a conditional offer of compensation
  • All incorrect listing statuses

Why do some violations incur a fine and some don’t? It’s because some violations can do more damage than others. While having the wrong assessor’s number is in fact a violation, this type of error will not compromise the data within the MLS or risk anyone’s safety. However, having the wrong sales price in the MLS will greatly affect subscribers when trying to pull comps or market stats.

Watch the ARMLS Rules Online Course to learn how to avoid violations/and or fines.