Are you confused about how to hide a listing for your client’s saved searches or how clients hide listings in their Portal? Look no further, let’s review the hide features for both!

What is a Hidden Listing?

There are two types of hidden listings: Hidden (by client) and Hidden by Agent. Hidden listings chosen by the client are when a client selects the “NO” symbol on the listings visible in their Portal that are then placed into a hidden collection. You and your clients can still access the hidden listing if a need arises, just know they are stored in the hidden collection.

screenshot of a house with arrow pointing to no symbol

To access this information, in Flexmls go to Contact Management, select the desired contact, go to the Portal tab and you will find “Portal Listing Collections”. Here you will see the individual listings that are Saved, Recommended, Hidden and Hidden by Agent.

screenshot in flexmls of portal listing collection with hidden highlighted

Why would my client hide a listing?

Clients may hide listings because it does not meet their criteria or, sometimes, they hide them by mistake. Either way, check with your client to determine their preferences for their saved search criteria. Remember, you can always edit if needed.

screenshot of client portal for flexmls with hidden highlighted

Why would I hide a listing from my client?

At the agents discretion, he or she can hide a listing on behalf of their client. A common reason subscribers might need to hide a listing is because the listing does not meet the end users’ criteria. When hidden, the listing will not send updated notifications. However, the listings marked as hidden will still show in the SAVED search tab for the clients portal.

screenshot of client portal for flexmls with an arrow pointing to hidden by agent

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