Have you ever seen the word “Bounce” next to a client’s email in their Contact Management details? If so, they may not be receiving all their emails from Flexmls. Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and others will stop delivering emails their algorithm thinks you don’t want to receive.

Screenshot example of a Confirmed, yet Bounced email address in Contact Management.

Why does this happen?

In most cases, email providers will try to clean up your inbox by monitoring which emails you open and which ones you don’t. If enough emails from the same sender aren’t opened, the email provider may recognize this as something they don’t want and direct them to the junk folder and/or “bounce” them back to the sender. This is referred to as suppression.

How can I fix a suppressed email?

Call Support at 480-921-7777, where we can verify if suppression is occurring and reactivate emails accordingly.

How can I prevent suppression from reoccurring?

Help your client’s email provider recognize Flexmls as a trusted sender they want to receive emails from. Flexmls sends emails from the four email addresses below. Adding these email addresses to their email provider’s contact list will help ensure they receive emails in the future.


Who does this affect?

Anyone can be affected by suppression. Make sure you check your Opt-In Status Report for any Undeliverable contacts, as they may need to be unsuppressed. Your email address could also be affected! Contact Support if you suspect emails are not being received by you or a contact.