ARMLS provides different levels of account access for those needing admin-type permissions. These permissions are set by request by your broker, but it’s helpful to know which type of access you need. We’ve put together this list of differences for you to review.

Super-user/Impersonation Access

While logged into your own Flexmls account, super-user access will fully grant access to another’s account. Here, you can view and modify their searches, contacts, CMAs, listings and more. There is no limit to the amount of subscribers you can super-use, however, you can only access one account at a time. This is great for personal assistants or those working closely on a team.

Office or Company Level Access

Choosing Office Level Admin or Company Level Admin allows someone to add or edit listings for anyone in that specific office, or even the entire company, depending on the level of permission. This is great for transaction coordinators or office admins who do not need to super-use to access to other’s searches, contacts, CMAs, etc.

The Designated Broker of an office can set up these permissions for any active ARMLS subscriber at no cost through Atlas. Need a new account for an admin? Your broker can create an account for them in Atlas with any of these permissions.