The Flexmls map offers a color legend to help you get a better visual understanding of your search results. This often overlooked tool can provide valuable information about your search areas.

What Exactly is the Color Legend?

The color legend offers three different types of overviews of your search area: status, price and price per square foot. If you choose to view the map according to status, active listings will appear as green squares on the map and closed will be blue. Price and price per square foot will assign colored squares based on price ranges. The ranges will adjust based on the search criteria you’ve entered.

Flexmls Color Legend

Why is the Color Legend Useful?

Using this map feature is a quick way to gain an overview of pricing conditions and market trends in a particular area. It can be especially helpful when creating a CMA.

Where Can I Find the Color Legend?

On the, click on the bottom of your Flexmls map, click the color wheel in bottom right-hand corner. You might have to adjust your zoom level to best see the results.

screenshot of color legend

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