Now that auto-check is everywhere, who needs to know how to spell these days? Well…you do! At least when it comes to working inside Flexmls!

Flexmls isĀ not a search engine, it’s a database. Unlike a search engine, Flexmls will only return results for exactly what you enter in. It does not offer alternate suggestions or search for similar words. For this reason, you need to be precise when searching for properties and inputting information when entering a new listing. One letter, or even a space, can make a significant difference in the outcome of your search results or lessen the chances of your property appearing in a search for others.

Screenshot showing the differing results when using the correct vs incorrect spelling

You can also consider using a wildcard in your search to obtain results that contain other characters before or after your keyword(s).

Screenshot of Grayhawk being used in the Subdivision field with Wildcards

Whether you’re listing a property or searching for one, your clients are counting on you to get the best results possible for them. Therefore, spell correctly and input carefully!