Now that auto-check is everywhere, who needs to know how to spell these days? Well…you do! At least when it comes to working with Flexmls because spelling counts!

Flexmls is not a search engine, it’s a database. Unlike a search engine, Flexmls will only return results for exactly what you enter in. It does not offer alternate suggestions or search for similar words. For this reason, you need to be precise when searching for properties or submitting information for a new listing. One letter, or even a space, can make a difference in the outcome of the results.

Let’s say you have a client who is eager to buy a home in the community of Grayhawk.

If you enter “Grayhawk” into the subdivision search, 29 listings will appear.


Entering “Greyhawk” will yield only five results.

Even worse would be searching for Gray Hawk, which would bring no results at all!

If you need to search for something specific and you’re not sure what to enter, consider using a wildcard in your search.

A spelling mistake when entering listings into the MLS can also have a negative impact because it will greatly lessen the chances of the property coming up in a search. Whether you’re listing a property or searching for one, your clients are counting on you to get the best results possible for them.