Have you ever wanted to text a listing to a client for on-the-go communication? Good news, now you can!

To text a listing to a client, click the Share button from your search to select Text.

Screenshot of a listing being shared via Text

Select your desired contact, then click the Text button at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of a chosen listing to share to a contact via Text

Note, there are two things you and your client must do in order for you to share them listings via text. Firstly, your client will need a mobile number added to their contact details. Secondly, your client must give their permission to start receiving text messaging by opting-in via an emailed link.

Screenshot of the opt-in notification for text messages sent via email

If your client misses this email, you can re-send them an opt-in request within their details in Contact Management.

Screenshot of a Contact in Contact Management with a mobile opt-in invite outlined in red