This is a question we receive a lot. The short answer is WE DON’T. ARMLS does not sell your listings. Your broker decides whether or not to syndicate listings to third-party real estate websites. is an example of a syndication site (all sites listed below). Since the listings belong to the broker, they decide whether they want the listing to show on these sites. Your broker may also extend those permissions to you, letting you choose where you’d like the listing to appear. This is found under the Broker Distribution tab when you enter a new listing. Our part at ARMLS is to help facilitate the transfer of the data when opted-in by you and your broker.

If you have questions as to why your broker has chosen to syndicate, not syndicate or the sites they have chosen, reach out to them.

For more information on syndication myths check out this blog post.

The Top 3 Syndication Myths