Flexmls can do many things. Some of those things are apparent, while other features may require a little digging (or clicking).

Here are three obscure things to click on from the Quick Search screen that you may not have known about.

Work On Behalf of a Contact

You’ll find this in the upper right-hand corner of your Quick Search screen. This function allows you to make recommendations or remove listings from your client’s portal. You’ll simply click on it, enter in your client’s name and click on either the briefcase icon to recommend the listing or the no symbol to remove a listing.

The Arrows Under “See All and Select Date Ranges”

This hyperlink will be underneath the Status field. If you’re trying to locate listings that have recently sold, click on See All and Select Date Ranges. Click on Close of Escrow Date then click the two small arrows next to the calendar fields. This will change the field from a date range to a “days back” feature. This is much easier when trying to locate closed listings.



The And/Or/Not feature is located in both the Pool Features and the Special Listings Conditions field. For example, if your client says they must have a fenced pool, you’ll click on the Or to change it to And. Or let’s say you want to exclude age restrictions from your search. Click on Special listings Conditions to find Age Restricted at the bottom right, then click on the Or until it becomes a Not.