Did you find an error in the Monsoon Tax database? If the answer is yes, here are steps to take before reporting.

Step One

Double check if the information being reported matches the County Assessor’s site. To verify, click the link next to Assessor Parcel #, located above the property map in the detail report or in the top left corner if viewing the full report. If it matches, there is no need to report an error in Monsoon as it is the County Assessor’s Office that the owner would contact to have the information updated.

Monsoon Tax Assessor Link Screenshot

If you complete Step One and there is a confirmed error, here is how to report:

Step Two

  1. Visit Monsoon, by one of these ways:
    • You can access directly
    • The Flexmls Menu has a courtesy link to Monsoon under the Taxes heading
    • Atlas has a courtesy link to to Monsoon
    • When viewing the details of a listing in Flexmls, the Monsoon tax report can be accessed by clicking the Monsoon link located above the property address
  2. View an individual parcel/property
  3. Click Report a Tax Error at the top of the page, below the address (screenshot above)
  4. Enter a detailed error description in the text box
  5. Click Send Report

If there is an error, Support will review the information and create a ticket for corrections. You can request to be updated on the process. Remember, not every Tax Data Error is an issue that should be reported to Monsoon. Identifying the error source will guide you to a solution.