Understanding different cultures could be important in your real estate career. In this post, we explore feng shui in relation to a property’s position and more.

According to Cho A. (2020), good feng shui is in the property position. A south-facing entry door is considered bad Qi (pronounced ch-ee) and does not create good feng shui. Other contributors for bad Qi are if the home is at a “T” intersection, a dead-end, or on the downside of a hill.

How can you better understand a property’s position in Flexmls? Through the Property Description field.

The Property Description field contains different options to choose from so you can best match your client with a home. Recently, 46% of listing agents used either East/West or North/South Exposure to aid in describing the property direction in Flexmls. Let’s take a deeper look!

Screen shot of Flexmls property description field

Location is an important factor for feng shui. The Property Description field can also identify Cul-De-Sac Lot, Hillside Lot and Corner Lot, to name a few.

Other Uses for Property Description Field

Other reasons why a client might be asking for various property positions or exposure types are heat from the sun and for gardening.

Any native will tell you that west-facing properties can get especially hot during the summer, which can be uncomfortable and also lead to high energy costs. Selecting the North/South Exposure field when searching in Flexmls can help avoid that.

However, some Valley residents enjoy gardening. Having a property or yard that has an east/west exposure can maximize the Arizona sun for growing.

Homes might not always be perfect with the cardinal directions, but choosing an exposures type within the Property Description field can be a time-saver and impress your clients. Consider using it on your next search or when adding and listing!


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