Monsoon makes it easy to customize your experience, from the search template, to the MLS, right down to the color scheme. But it doesn’t stop there. Monsoon offers three different options to view your search results: Cards, Rows, and Map.

monsoon screenshot


The Cards display shows each property as a card. The card will include a picture of the property, the last sold data, the owners’ name, the address, the APN number to view the tax record and an MLS link (if there’s MLS data available).

monsoon screenshot


The Rows view simply takes your search results and places them in a row. The same data is shown as the Cards view minus the picture of the property.


The Map view plots your search results onto a map with a helpful legend. You may see a circle with a number in it. The number is how many properties are in the cluster. Keep zooming in on the map to view the properties in that cluster.

monsoon screenshot

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