Discover another new feature inside RapidStats: The Market Statistics Infographic, PNG or JPG designed for sharing on social media.

RapidStats complete infographic report May 2024

This tool is perfect for sharing market trends with your clients, allowing you to download personalized copies easily. You can also customize your default dashboard view and select specific counties to view detailed data.

Accessing & Downloading the Market Statistics Infographic

To personalize and download the Market Statistics Infographic, log in to and navigate to the Dashboard. Before downloading, please select and save your default counties, then click Save Changes.

Select Counties for Infographic screenshot

Once complete, click Download Now.

RapidStats infographic download now screenshot

Next, you will be taken to the Infographic Builder. Here you can add a custom message to your infographic, change color themes and toggle on customization options such as Display custom message and Display branding.

Infographic Customization options screenshot

Once everything is customized to your preferences, click Download for Sharing and select either a PNG or JPEG file. If you have an image saved in Flexmls, it will pull into your customized infographic.

Be advised, that the data pulled will always be updated on the fourth business day of every month. You will see, “As of Month-Day-Year” at the bottom of every Infographic download.

To learn more, check out the RapidStats Online Course!