Introducing an exciting new feature in RapidStats: My Map Shapes! This innovative tool allows users to save and customize geographical outlines to suit their preferences. Tailor your maps like never before!

With My Map Shapes, you have the ability to outline different areas of interest, such as cities, subdivisions or any kind of specific boundary lines you desire.

Making Map Shapes

To start making shapes, click on My Map Shapes.


RapidStats My Map Shapes screenshot

From there, any map shapes you have created will appear with the option to edit or delete those shapes. Click CREATE NEW MAP SHAPE to proceed.

Create New Map Shape screentshot

A new page will appear titled Map Shape Generator. Similarly to the mapping functionality in Flexmls, you have a polygon tool on the right side of the map. Zoom in or out to the area where you want to draw your shape and click the polygon tool. Then click and drag to create the exact shape you need. When finished drawing your desired shape, double-click to stop the drawing process.

My Map Shape Generator screenshot

Next, title and save your shape. Once complete, you will have successfully created a shape to use in the future.

Clemente Ranch My Map Shapes screenshot

Using My Map Shapes

To start using the shape you’ve created, visit any of the report options. Click View, and toggle on for Show My Map Shape. Choose the desired My Map Shape you created previously.

My Map Shape ON screenshot

Next, adjust the square footage, dwelling type and price range if desired. Once your selections are made, click Refresh Report and a summary report for the last 24 months will be generated.

My Map Shapes Refresh Report screenshot

There are two things to consider when using My Map Shapes:

First, when making a shape, the smaller the area, the less data you will receive in a report. Second, My Map Shapes is a proactive step. It’s recommended you identify subdivisions, neighborhoods or other desired locations before running reports.

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