This is the Part 2 in a three-part series about Reverse Prospecting. To read Part 1, click here.

As a listing agent, Reverse Prospecting is a powerful tool to market your listing to buyer’s agents. It’s a fantastic chance for you to reach out directly to buyer’s agents whose current clients have searches that match your listing. There are some great opportunities to use reverse prospecting, such as to advertise an open house or a price reduction.

How to Run Reverse Prospecting as a Listing Agent

From the Flexmls Menu, search for Reverse Prospecting and select that option.

GIF showing how to find Reverse Prospecting in the Flexmls menu.

From your active listings, select one and click Run reverse prospecting.

This will provide you with a list of buyer’s agents you can call or email to let them know they have a client who might be interested in your listing.

GIF demonstrating how to run Reverse Prospecting on one of your active listings.

How Does Reverse Prospecting Find the List of Buyer’s Agents? 

Reverse Prospecting generates the list of buyer’s agents by finding every saved search in Flexmls that meets these three criteria:

  1. The main fields of the subject property (aka your listing) match the criteria of the saved search.
  2. That saved search has a contact attached to it.
  3. That contact has Reverse Prospecting enabled on their Contact Details screen.

What Should I Tell the Buyer’s Agents in My Email?

As a listing agent, when you email the list of buyer’s agents (generated from a Reverse Prospecting search), make sure to do these three things:

  1. Explain what Reverse Prospecting is and why you are contacting them.
  2. Tell them the MLS # of your listing.
  3. Explain how they can determine which of their clients might be interested in your listing. Here are some simple instructions: “Search for MLS # XXXXXX. Once the listing is pulled up, click the down arrow to the right of the MLS #. Last, choose Match Contacts from the dropdown menu.”

Screenshot of how a buyer's agent can Match Contacts to a particular MLS listing number.

This will show the buyer’s agent which of their contacts matches your listing. From the Match My Contacts to a Listing page, the buyer’s agent can reach out to their own client to tell them about your listing.

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