You may have diligently completed all the necessary steps in Flexmls for your client: saved a Search, set up a Subscription and even configured your client their own Portal, only to discover later that their initial request doesn’t align with their actual preferences.

To discover what their most recent preferences are, let’s learn how to view a client’s most recent unsaved search in Flexmls.

Begin by going to Contact Management and selecting a Contact. When inside the contact, click the Portal tab. Towards the bottom you will see the heading for Portal Saved Searches. Under it, click on View Search Parameters.

View search parameters screenshot

Here you will see the most recent unsaved search. Use this information as you see fit to better assist your clients. This could mean asking follow-up questions, setting up a new search and/or subscription or getting that next lead!

screenshot of most recent unsaved searches

In summary, clients may not always articulate the exact reasons why they’re exploring properties outside the parameters initially set. There could be various motivations behind this, such as changing needs without wanting to inconvenience you, assisting friends or family in their search, exploring investment opportunities and countless others. Be open to these possibilities, and let them guide you in providing the best assistance to your clients. The list of reasons why can be limitless, but don’t let that limit you!