Adding documents to a listing in Flexmls is something most agents will have to do in their careers. Some of the more common documents that are uploaded include floor plans, HOA addendums and additional public remarks. Whatever you need to add, you can easily upload it before or after your listing is active.

Add Documents Before a Listing is Active

From your Flexmls menu, click on My Incomplete. Select the listing and click Edit. You will then see a list of sections available to edit. Select Documents.

screenshot of adding documents to a listing in Flexmls

You will then be prompted to add a document file and select a category describing it. You’ll also need to select whether or not the document will be private (available to MLS subscribers-only) or public.

Screenshot of the Add Document screen

Add Documents After a Listing is Active

To add, edit or remove a document to a listing once it’s active, go to Change Listing in your Flexmls menu and click on Documents.

If you need additional help with adding a listing, take our online course or attend one of our live classes.