When adding a new listing to Flexmls, it is crucial to provide accurate and complete information about the property. Throughout the process, you’ll see different help icons and indicators to help you along the way.

Question bubbleThe red question bubble provides additional information about what the field means or what needs to be included.

Screenshot of the help text shown for Approx SQFT field

Info bubble The yellow “i” bubble provides system limitations and restrictions. For example, the ZIP 4 field restricts you from having more or less than four characters included.

Screenshot of the system limitations for the ZIP 4 field

For a listing to be complete, all required fields must have a value added or selected. Although optional fields are not mandatory, it’s a good idea to remember that more is more when adding a listing, so it is recommended that you fill them out if possible.

You can also double check your work once finished. In the upper right corner of your incomplete listing, you can choose to show All Fields, only the Required Fields or just the Empty Required Fields that must be completed before adding the listing. This can help you determine if you still have fields that need information before the listing can be added.

Screenshot of the Show All Field options in Flexmls