Need to plan your route? Flexmls allows you to select your destinations then map them out in Google Maps. Here are the steps:

Routing Showings in Flexmls

Select the listings you’d like to map by clicking on the checkbox

Screenshot of listings selected with the checkbox


Click on Map (below the Save button)

Screenshot of the map button with a red rectangle around "map"


Click Driving Directions

Screenshot of the word "driving directions" with the red rectangle around it


Click View in Google Maps

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A new window will open in Google Maps. You can drag and drop the listings to rearrange the order. You can also add another destination, such as a coffee shop, your office or even your client’s residence, by clicking Add Destination.

Screenshot of Google Maps with "Add Destination" highlighted


Once you have your route in order you can send the directions to your phone or copy and paste the hyperlink.

Screenshot of Google Maps with "Send Directions to Phone" highlighted