The Information Market, or TIM for short, was founded in 2005 when Tom Ruff and Jim Patterson merged their data companies Marketron and The Information Store into one cleverly-named entity: The Information Market. Seeing the value in this data company, ARMLS purchased TIM in 2012. The 16 employees who work at TIM take recorded real estate documents with Assessor and USPS data to create the best and most comprehensive data available in our market.

The data powers real estate applications and websites like the Monsoon Tax system and The monthly ARMLS monthly STAT report also uses TIM data, as well as Tom Ruff’s unique perspective and many years of experience to write the commentary.

The TIM team works to provide a better, faster reporting system to help companies make smarter business decisions and keep real estate professionals in the know about the market. With the team sifting through the public records data, they often find errors ahead of time and make the necessary corrections, but they’re also here to dig deep into potential errors. Just use that Report a Tax Error button in Monsoon to start the research process.

Report a Tax Error