RapidStats already provides you with in-house reporting and custom statistics. Now it gets even better with drip emails called scheduled reports!

A scheduled report works similarly to a subscription in Flexmls. You’ll save your search criteria then set it up on an auto email for you or your client. You can select the frequency of the report (daily, weekly, monthly etc), which allows you to give your client the data they want, exactly when they want. This new feature is perfect for supplying your buyer or seller with easy to read, up-to-date statistics on their desired location.

Creating a Scheduled Report

The first thing you’ll need to do is create and save a report. You’ll then have the option to send the report as a one-time email or set it up on a recurring schedule of your choosing.

RapidStats Screenshot

You also have the option to include the cover page, a definitions page and a personalized message.

RapidStats Screenshot

Watch the RapidStats Online Course to learn more.