Occasionally, our support team receives a call asking, “How do I delete this listing?” The answer is simple- there isn’t a way to delete a listing from Flexmls.

What we can do is help you cancel a listing. But wait, what’s the difference between “deleting” and “canceling” a listing? And why would someone want to delete a listing in the first place? To explain, let’s consider this scenario:

Problem: While a subscriber is adding a new listing, she clicks too quickly through several screens and accidentally adds the same property twice. Now there are two listings (with two unique MLS numbers) for a single property.

Solution: Though rare, this situation does raise an issue of data integrity, since two MLS listings for the same property under the same property class is a violation of Rule 8.6 of the Rules and Regulations. To stay in compliance, subscribers can call support to have a customer support specialist guide them through how to cancel one of the listings. Though the canceled listing will not disappear from the MLS, it will no longer be active.

Take your time and pay special attention when entering listings to avoid ever needing to cancel a listing in the future.