Have you ever tried to schedule an appointment in ShowingTime only to find that slot is blacked out?

A blacked out time-slot in ShowingTime means the listing agent has placed a restriction for that time-frame, for one of many reasons:

  • The listing agent can select No Same Day Appointments or block off a portion or the entire day.
  • The agent can also require Lead Time. This means that a designated period of time is blacked out before your requested time. For example, if the agent selects a two-hour Lead Time and it’s currently noon, the calendar will be blacked out until 2:00 p.m. and will not allow you to request a showing during that period.
  • The Suggested Lead Time is when the occupant says they need at least a certain amount of notice (ex: two hours) before a showing but more (ex: three hours) would be ideal. The suggested portion will be gray and will still allow you to request a showing but will give you a warning that your request may be too early for the occupant to accommodate.

ShowingTime screenshot

You also may see blackout times that reflect that YOU have another ShowingTime appointment scheduled during that time. Hover your mouse over the blackout time to see if it’s a listing restriction OR one of your ShowingTime appointments.

To learn more about ShowingTime watch the ShowingTime Online Course.