When searching for residential homes, your client may have said whether they’d like a pool or not. If you’re performing a search and you ignore the pool field, your results will contain some listings with pools and some without.

Let’s say your client DOES NOT want a pool. You’ll select the option that says No Pool and you’re done.

No pool selected

If your client DOES want a pool, select Private. From there you can dial down to pools that are fenced, heated, etc. If you’re selecting more than one field in the pool section, you need to change the OR to AND for all of your selections. If you don’t, the system will search for pools that are fenced OR heated but not both.

Pool field with selections

But here’s where it gets a little tricky. If a listing agent uploads their listing and the pool is fenced and heated but the agent fails to check those items off, that listing will not appear in your search if you’ve selected fenced and heated.

The best way to never miss a pool listing is to select No Pool and then to change the OR into a NOT. NOT NO Pool makes it a double negative which turns it into a positive.

NOT NO pool

Why not select the subfield Private instead? Because when entering a listing, occasionally a listing agent will specify a particular type of pool feature and forget to also select the subfield for Private. For example, if the listing agent marks off Play Pool but fails to mark off  Private, you would miss that listing if only searching with the subfield of Private. But a search of NOT No Pool will capture every listing with a private pool.

If your client wants a community pool, check out our blog on the best ways to search for a community pool.