Listing banners in Flexmls are small descriptions that are automatically added to a listing based on it’s characteristics. They showcase a listing after common changes are made to help it stand out and are a great way for your listing to meet the eyes of potential buyers.

Screenshot of a listing with a 72-Hour Banner showing New Listing

There are five different banners, also sometimes known as flags, that can appear on a listing:

  • New Listing – A new listing has been added as Active, or a previously Coming Soon listing is now Active.
  • Price Reduced – The List Price has been reduced.
  • Price Change – The List Price has been increased.
  • Back on Market – A listing changed from either TOM, Closed, Cancelled or Expired, back to Active.
  • Status Change – Any change from one status to another, excluding the specific changes stated above.

A listing can only display one banner at a time. The listing banner will remain for 72 hours unless another change is made that replaces the original banner. They are automatically placed on a listing and cannot be reset. Therefore, if you need to make multiple changes, consider the order you update the listing, as the last change is the one that will be presented.

These listing banners also represent changes that trigger a Subscription email to be sent to buyers depending on the Subscription’s settings and preferences. Additionally, listings with a recent banner can be found in the categories of a Hot Sheet.