The 72-hour banner is an awesome feature that can help your listing stand out. When certain changes are made to a listing, they are noted by a banner (also known as a flag) that lasts for 72 hours in the Flexmls search results. It’s important to make sure your change is accurate the first time, because if the banner appears incorrectly it cannot be reset, as this is an automatic system function.

screenshot of 72 hour banner in Flexmls

There are six different types of 72-hour banners that will appear on a listing.

  • Coming Soon
  • New Listing
  • Price Reduced
  • Price Change
  • Status Change
  • Back on Market

How Do These Banners Work? 

When one of these events triggers a banner, the banner will display for 72 hours or until another banner-triggering event occurs. This means that if you plan to apply multiple changes to a listing, consider the order since the last action you take will determine which banner sticks.

Our Most Common Example

If all that sounds a bit confusing, this real-life scenario should help clear things up.

1.You have a listing in Active status.

Screenshot of FLexmls My Listings screen

2. The owner wants to make a few repairs to the property, so you change the listing status to Temp Off  Market. This event triggers the 72-hour banner of Status Change.

Screenshot of FLexmls My Listings screen

3. The owner finishes the repairs to the property.  The logical result is you plan to make a price change. However, this can’t be done while the property is in Temp Off Market status. First, you must change the listing status to Active. This event triggers a 72-hour banner of Back On Market. 

Screenshot of FLexmls My Listings screen

4. Now that the listing is in Active status, you can make a price change. But the event of changing the price will immediately trigger the Back on Market banner to be replaced by a 72-hour banner of Price Change.

Note: The Back on Market banner wasn’t up for a full 72 hours, because another banner-triggering event superseded it.

Screenshot of FLexmls My Listings screen

Pro Tip: These same events can also trigger the listing to be included in subscription emails to your clients, depending on what you have chosen for Additional Search Options and Default Subscription Settings.

Learn more about how to get the most out of the New Listing banner. Hint: It has something to do with getting photos before going Active.