There are many reasons you may have to put your listing in a Temporarily Off-Market (TOM) status. It’s important to remember the expiration dates of those listings, since a listing in TOM status will expire on that date.

A listing in TOM status

If the expiration date begins to creep up as your listing is in a TOM status, it’s a good idea to get the listing agreement extended and change those dates accordingly in the MLS. This way, when the listing is ready to go back on the market, you’re ready to go.

If your listing does expire, your broker will have 7 days to update the information. After that, you’ll need to email Data Integrity at with an updated listing agreement signed on or before the expiration date.

Written by Chelsea O from ARMLS
Chelsea Oakland joined the ARMLS team in 2014. With her learning and development experience she knew she would have an impact on the company’s end goal to service its more than 37,000 subscribers.