This post was recently modified due to the Clear Cooperation policy. In the world of real estate the terms “pocket listings”, “delayed listings” or “Coming Soon” are used interchangeably. But as our MLS gets ready to roll out the Clear Cooperation policy, it’s important to understand the differences in our market. While this blog breaks down the definitions, we recommend talking with your broker to gain a better understanding.

Pocket Listings

Pocket Listings are not listed in the MLS. Instead, agents only expose them to an audience of their choice.

  • Property can be manually entered into some syndication websites
  • Critics raise fair housing concerns over pocket listings
  • Violation of the Clear Cooperation policy if marketed outside your brokerage

Coming Soon / Delayed Listings 

Coming Soon Listings (formerly known as Delayed listings) are listed in the MLS for up to 30 days (but can be made Active earlier). The system is designed to build agent-to-agent buzz while the property is prepared for syndication, which could be for a variety of reasons (photos, painting,  a tenant, etc).

  • Showings are the decision of the seller, like with other statuses
  • Listings are not syndicated
  • Available to all MLS subscribers via searches and hot sheets