After changing a listing’s status, you may ask yourself, where did my listing go?

Screenshot of My Listings showing No listings found

A listing may “disappear” because the My Listings option is defaulted to only show certain statuses in a specified time range. Specifically, only Active and Pending listings are automatically included.

You can choose which listing statuses show in My Listings by visiting your General Preferences. The area under the Listings tab allows you to change the statuses that are shown, as well as the time range used to show off-market listings.

Screen shot of General Preferences in the Listings area. Shows toggles for each listing status and a date range field for off-market listings

The statuses chosen here also affect which listings appear when going to Office Listings and, if available, Company Listings. This can inherently change the listings that show inside certain Gadgets on the Dashboard.

Screen shot of Display Listings page showing Settings for Search Filters and Grid Sort

We hope this helps you to better navigate your listings in Flexmls!