There might be a time-saving tip you’re not using – the Default Map. The Default Map allows your Quick Search map to automatically show you a specific place or area, rather than showing you a full map of the Valley. Most subscribers work a territory. For them, changing the default map to their area saves them time. Here’s how you can change yours!

How to Change the Default Map

screenshot of 3 map tools

  1. Navigate to the Menu in Flexmls and then select the Default Map option under the Preferences section.
  2. Once loaded, you’ll need to utilize some map tools to get to the area of your choice. The first tool you’ll need is the Pan Map option (see diagram). Pan the map to the area of your choice. You can also use the Zoom tool to find your desired area. Finally, select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle for the area you wish to designate as the new default map.
  3. Once finished, select Save in the upper right-hand area.


After performing these steps, the next time you go to complete a Quick Search, your chosen rectangle will be the only area visible on the map screen*.

Here’s how the map appears on the default setting.


Here’s how the map appears after changing the area (changed to Mesa).

*Please note that the map area shown in Quick Search is a wide rectangle.  If your shape is not wide enough to fill in the screen, Flexmls will zoom into your shape to fill the space. You will want to make sure you are drawing a wide enough rectangle to compensate, rather than a long square.