Showing a house and want to know what’s up with the neighbors next door? When did they buy their house? How much did they pay for it? The Nosy Neighbor tool in the Flexmls map allows you to look up owner information along with past MLS data by simply clicking on a property.

When viewing your listing from the Map tab, take a look at the row of icons at the right side of the map. If you hover over each icon, the name of the tool will appear. The Nosy Neighbor tool is the blue circle with the “i” on it.

screenshot of nosy neighbor tool on map

Using the Nosy Neighbor Tool

To activate Nosy Neighbor, zoom into the map until you see lot lines. Click the Nosy Neighbor icon and select a property. The tool will highlight the boundary lines for that property and give you the dimensions. A pop-up will appear with the Assessor Number as a hyperlink and all MLS data since the year 2000. Clicking on the Assessor hyperlink takes you to the Monsoon Tax System, clicking the MLS number takes you to that listing number.

screenshot of nosy neighbor tool

You can learn more about the Map Tools in our Searching & Mapping online course.