2020 is finally over! Now that we’re in 2021, it’s time to recap our top 10 violations from last year. In 2020 we had a grand total of 9,235 violations, see last year’s report here. Self-Reported items outrank all violations, they do not carry fines.

Self-Reported errors dominate yet, subscribers have the ability to self-correct these errors without contacting ARMLS. Agents should fix these errors rather than self-report for ARMLS to fix. It’s faster and thus leads to better, cleaner data. Each of the errors below can be fixed by the agent up to 7 days after closing:

Closed to Pending/UCB/CCBS Status 4174
Selling Agent or Co-Selling Agent 1804
Closing Info (NOT sold price) 1335
Sold Price 1087
Closed to Active 303

And now the more traditional list:

Rank Violation Type Totals
1 Sold Price Incorrect Penalty 1275
2 Assessor’s Number Incorrect Non-Penalty 1089
3 Contact Information on Media Penalty 902
4 Address Incorrect Non-Penalty 724
5 Contact Info in a Public Field Penalty 587
6 Closing Info (COE, Loan Type, etc) Non-Penalty 526
7 Open House or Showing Information Penalty 497
8 Special Listing Conditions Non-Penalty 393
9 Dwelling Type Non-Penalty 312

You’ll notice that some of these violations incur a penalty, and some don’t. The Online Rules Course breaks down the difference between penalty vs. non penalty violations and how you can avoid both.