Aligned Showings provides seamless collaboration tools for Seller/Tenant Management, enabling those to quickly approve or decline showings and track a listing’s showing activity.

Adding a Seller/Tenant

To add seller/tenant involvement, select My Listings from the Aligned Showings navigation menu. Your active listings will display. Click on the Edit button.

edit my listing in AS screenshot

Next, select the listing for which you want to set the seller/tenant involvement. The listing details will display. Choose Edit Details, then proceed to the Seller/Tenant Involvement section or click on the adjacent Edit button. This will unveil the Seller/Tenant Involvement setup screen.

Select Add Seller/Tenant. Next, enter the name of the seller or tenant, then click Invite New User. Then, select Seller or Tenant and enter their first name, last name, primary phone number, secondary number (if available) and email address. Lastly, select Add Person to save their details.

add seller tenant involvement screenshot

Level of Involvement

After adding their basic information, you must select their level of involvement. From the dropdown menu, choose from the following options:

NONE Choose this option if you would like for the seller/tenant to possess viewing rights only, without any active involvement.
NOTIFICATIONS ONLY This selection grants seller/tenants awareness of scheduled showings without the authority to approve or decline them.
Can Approve Showings Make this selection if you want the seller/tenant to have the ability to approve or decline showings. If the seller/tenant is set to approve showings, select if they should receive email and text message alerts.

Be sure to select Done to save the seller/tenant settings.

More Tips

  • Seller/tenants do not log into the Aligned Showings system. They view showings on a static web page outside of the Aligned Showings system to view or approve/decline showing requests.
  • Seller/tenants can view showing request information, including the agent contact information and any notes.
  • In the My Listings view, the names of the seller/tenants are featured in the Seller column, visible exclusively to the listing agent.

To learn more, check out the Aligned Showings information page.