Flexmls recently introduced new Showing Instructions fields, which are easier to understand and follow. Now it’s clear to know if permission is required or if the listing agent just wants to be notified before the showing. Be sure you understand the rules in order to avoid potential fines!

There are now two simple options to choose from when adding a listing- Permission Required to Show: No and Permission Required to Show: Yes. Both options offer a menu of additional instructions to choose from.

No Permission Required

Permission Required to Show: No means a buyer’s agent doesn’t need to get permission before showing the property. In many instances the listing agent might ask to be notified before showing the property. If this is the case, clear instructions will be provided about how the listing agent wants to be notified.  Always remember that notification is different than permission. Just because no permission is required does not necessarily mean you can enter the home unannounced.

Flexmls Showing Instructions

Permission Required

Permission Required to Show: Yes means permission must be requested AND granted by the lister before a buyer’s agent views/shows the property. Instructions on how to gain permission will be provided and a response back is required before entering.

Flexmls showing instructions

Showing Instructions must be followed even if the home is vacant and/or has a lockbox. It might also be indicated that additional special instructions can be found in Private Remarks. If that’s the case, be sure to follow those. If a showing agent fails to comply with the Showing Instructions, a violation can occur under section 13.4 of the Rules and Regulations.