When doing a Monsoon foreclosure search, you can filter by notice date or auction date. Which to choose depends on your goal.

Screenshot of Monsoon Foreclosure Search

Letter opened   Notice Date

Notice date refers to the notice of trustee sale. Basically, it’s the day the homeowner is informed by the lender that their property will be sold at a future date due to nonpayment. This usually occurs once the mortgage is 120 days past due. The notice becomes public record. Filtering by notice date is best if you want to help an owner sell their home before losing it to auction. The time between notice date and auction date varies due to many factors and can range from several weeks to several months.

yellow gavel   Auction Date

This is the official date set for the trustee sale, which is often an auction on the courthouse steps. It’s best to filter by auction date when looking for properties for buyers/investors. Note that the opening bid price is not usually set until a few weeks before the auction.

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