ARMLS has a big announcement! We’ve created an online Flexmls Admin/Assistant Guide that outlines the entire process of creating and managing Flexmls Admin accounts.

How Can the Guide Be Accessed?

The guide is available now and is easy to find in the Support section of

Who Would Find the Guide Useful?

We created this for our subscribers because there’s a lot to know about these types of accounts, especially since there are various permission levels. Now it’s all clearly outlined. The guide is broken down into sections that make it quick and simple to find the specific information you need. It also contains a helpful FAQ section covering costs, rules and other important things to know. This saves valuable time and ensures that you have the most current and accurate information.

Whether you’re an agent wanting to grant Flexmls permissions to an assistant or a broker managing several Staff accounts, the Flexmls Admin/Assistant Guide will be your trusted one-stop resource. Check it out today!