Establishing and maintaining a strong connection with your clients should always be a top priority. By accurately filling out your Flexmls profile, not only are you ensuring that your clients have your up-to-date information, but also that your branding appears on flyers and custom reports in Flexmls. Sending emails to your clients through the client portal will give them access to direct recommended listings, further maintaining your connection.

Now that we reminded you of it’s importance, let’s build your brand! Keep your Flexmls profile up to date by following the steps below.

Inserting Your Information

First, click on Menu and then click on My Profile under the Preferences heading.

Screenshot of Menu with My Profile highlighted

Once you are on your profile screen, click Quick Profile Maintenance. Then, you will be able to insert your professional information, such as contact information, biography, and professional designations. Always make sure to click Save once you finish filling out your information.

Screenshot of My Profile with Quick Profile Maintenance highlighted

Setting a Profile Picture

Flexmls allows you to set a profile picture in the My Profile section. After you set a profile picture, it will appear on flyers and promotional sheets.

To set a profile picture, click Personal Photo and Logo Maintenance.

Screenshot of My Profile with Personal Photo and Logo highlighted

On the My Logos and Photos page, click New to update your profile picture. Uploading your photo in Flexmls is simple, all you need to do is select your image type, give a photo description, and upload your desired photo on the Add Logo or Photo page.