Do you ever want to exclude criteria while searching in Flexmls? Then you’ll want to get familiar with the and/or/not filtering options.

Even though it’s more common to search based on what your client does want, at times it’s necessary to filter out what is NOT wanted. Some examples of features you might want to filter out are age restrictions, shared driveways, electric cook topsĀ and fenced pools. Many fields in Flexmls can be easily excluded by selecting not instead of or, which is the default setting. This helps to fine tune the results to best match your client’s needs.

How to Use the Not Filter

There are a variety of search categories that contain lists of fields that can be selected by checking off boxes. Clicking on the word or next to the box allows you to change it to not or and. Click not to exclude that particular item from the search. Now the results listed will only include listings that do not have the search terms you selected to exclude.

Laminate Counters OR screenshot

Laminate Counters NOT screenshot

Many search categories that include the and/or/not filter are not part of the default search template, so you’ll need to add them before filtering.