There are times you might need to change listing information for an Active listing, such as the list price. You can edit a listing’s list price in just a few steps.

Under the Flexmls Menu, you will find the Add/Change section. Click Change Listing. You can then select the listing you want to change.

Add, Change Screen

You can edit general listing content, including status, photos and open house details, on the Change screen. To edit the price of a listing, click Change List Price under the Price section.

Change List Price

Enter the updated price into the New List Price field and click Save. 

New List Price Screenshot

You can then verify the updated list price at the top of the Change Listing page.

You can only change a property’s list price if it is in Active, UCB or CCBS statuses. If you want to edit the list price of a listing in Temporarily Off-Market or Pending statuses, you first need to put the property into Active status.